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Champion jiu-jitsu, Arlington Heights IL.

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Best kids self-defense program around! Jiu-jitsu is perfect for children.

Starting kids down the path of confidence and self-realization!

We have a proven history of developing tournament champions.

Although we pride ourselves on creating competitive tournament winners, how competitive and serious a child wants to take their jiu-jitsu journey is entirely up to them.

If a child wants to learn jiu-jitsu in a non-competitive way with no tournaments, then that is entirely up to the child and we will be happy to assist them in anyway.

More important than wins or losses in a tournament, jiu-jitsu is about children finding their own self-confidence.

The ability to defend yourself against bullies and stressful situations at a young age will set your child up for a lifetime of self-belief and confidence.

Start your child down the path of becoming a confident and positive young adult by joining our kids class today!

Mention our “May Promo” to get your first month free!


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Champion Jiu Jitsu is a member of the following federations:

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