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July Promotion

Champion Jiu-Jitsu, Arlington Heights IL.

Mention “July Promotion” to get FIRST MONTH FREE!

Family Discount Available.

Come to our school and be the best version of yourself you can be!

Want to know the secret to becoming great at jiu-jitsu? Just show up for class and pay attention–that’s it.

We have a proven history of cultivating tournament champions. However, we never put pressure on students to enter tournaments–that is entirely up to the student.

Why do people want to learn jiu-jitsu?

Fight knowledge, optimal physical fitness, defense against bullies or random violence, self-confidence, self-realization, developing discipline and work ethic, real-time problem solving, the list goes on and on.

Everyone who joins and sticks with the curriculum will notice themselves change dramatically:

Jiu-Jitsu works every part of the body. Your body will radically transform. Your core will become rock solid. Your timing and coordination in all physical activities will reach new heights once you are regularly attend jiu-jitsu class.

You will become mentally sharp and quick as jiu-jitsu is high-level problem solving.

You will become self-confident and be able to handle yourself in stressful and crazy situations.

You will find an inner peace and calm because you are draining all of your stress and worries from life during training.

Mention “July Promotion” to get FIRST MONTH FREE!

Family Discount Available.

Champion Jiu Jitsu is a member of the following federations:

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Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Logo